Risk and asset management software for today’s commercial real estate.

Combine your knowledge with our intuitive software to gain insights into your portfolios and properties. Easily communicate your insights, forecasts and results with investors, lenders and other stakeholders.

ReturnSuite on a laptop, tablet and phone.

Understand both risks and returns

The Commercial Real Estate industry is changing. Shorter leases, coworking, additional services - cash flows are more volatile and less predictable. New business models require new financial modeling tools.

With ReturnSuite's intuitive modeling software, you can manage the changing market. Maximizing your returns while fully understanding your risks. Gain important insights and easily communicate your asset management strategy, forecasts, budgets and results with all your key stakeholders.

— Sam Gamble

How it works

  1. Get started quickly.
    Step 1

    Quickly evaluate potential acquisitions by modeling a property’s leases, expenses and financing through an intuitive process.

  2. Build and compare risks and returns.
    Step 2

    Build and compare both the risks and returns of different scenarios to help determine the best asset management strategy using both traditional cash flow and risk-adjusted models.

  3. Stay up to date, track performance.
    Step 3

    Always stay up to date and oversee the performance of your asset by importing actuals and updating market conditions. Track the differences over time.

  4. publish for stakeholders
    Step 4

    Privately publish interactive reports to share with your stakeholders in the publishing center. Export your data at any time in commonly used formats.


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